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16 Jul 2017

Luxury Lighting Ideas


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Posted By Velma M.

Though it is easy to overlook, the light in a space is one of the most important design elements. The light sets a temperature, a mood, and adequate illumination for the purposes of the room. The light can make a place feel tranquil, dramatic, cool, warm, traditional, modern, spacious or small.

To create a luxuriant feeling in a space several elements can be incorporated including rich and fine fabrics, high quality and polished materials like woods, stones, and glass. The object with the light is to continue echo that feeling of luxury in the space. There are really two main ways to create a luxurious feeling with the light. One way is to use fixtures that are made out of luxurious materials like glittering chandeliers made of cut crystal or lamps with bases of heavy glass. In this way the fixture becomes a beautiful luxury centrepiece even while the light is not turned on. Another way to create a feeling or luxury with the lighting is to use a fixture that is made out of a less luxuriant material but that casts unique and interesting shadows and throws the light in an interesting way through the room. This type of light is used to create a beautiful environment or to suit a specific purpose while the lights are turned on and will fade into the background when not in use.

A bathroom is a small space so using bathroom lights in the bathroom can be tricky. One strong overhead light can be way too intense for a small space and can make the space feel garish so LED lights are highly recommended. Bathroom lights themselves do not have to be fancy and made of beautiful materials in order to be luxurious. In fact there is little room for large overhead fixtures and standing lamps in bathrooms. One great way to set a luxuriant feeling in the bathroom is to create different options for the person using the bathroom. There can be one option for using the mirror for make-up and hair such as illuminated bathroom mirrors. This option could utilise a stronger overhead light and a vanity mirror with LED lights installed around the perimeter for the ideal make-up lighting. For the evening the overhead light could be shut off and the rest of the bathroom would remain unlit except for small down lights placed over the bathtub and mirror. This would create a calm and serene setting for taking a quiet bath.


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