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TCP 60 Watt Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulbs, Non-Dimmable, Soft White (6 Pack)

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Manufacturer TCP
Brand TCP
Color white
Model LA1027KND6
UPC 608560476060
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6 Jul 2017

LED Light Bulb Products; What a Bright Idea!

Thomas Edison invented one of the most useful and well known household objects of all time; the humble light bulb, and you have to hand it to him; the guy is a genius! What a simple thing to conjure up, but what a fantastic thing a light bulb is.

17 Jul 2017

Office Lighting: Setting Up Your Home Office

Whether you use a quiet corner of a living room or an entire room in your home, there are a few basics elements to consider when setting up your home office. Equipment First consider the basics - an adequately sized desk and a comfortable chair.

26 Jun 2017

LED Flashlights - Let There Be Light

The new generation of LED lights resolves many of the 'inconveniences' of typical camping lights. In the past five years, there have been huge leaps forward in the development of usable LED lighting.

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    13 Jul 2017 Posted By Jeannie W.

    Low Voltage Lighting

    Currently, we are in a day and age when reducing our energy consumption is a primary goal for all. This is a priority that all must take into consideration, no matter if you own your own business, home or you are renting.

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    16 Jul 2017 Posted By Velma M.

    Luxury Lighting Ideas

    Though it is easy to overlook, the light in a space is one of the most important design elements. The light sets a temperature, a mood, and adequate illumination for the purposes of the room. The light can make a place feel tranquil, dramatic, cool, warm, traditional, modern, spacious or small.

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